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Location, Location, Location
January 11, 2010, 4:51 pm
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Since we were having trouble narrowing down the color and general theme of our wedding day we decided we’d start with the biggest booking, the venue.

My MOH, L, urged me to start looking for a venue the same day of our engagement. I live on an Island and it seems as though the good venues book at least a year in advance for summer weddings.

So, without any idea of what I was looking for or what the hell I was doing I started calling and arranging some tours.

Let’s do a little tour:

Option #1 -Hatley Castle
Hatley Castle is by FAR one of the most breathtaking places on the Island. The Castle has historic, old world charm and the grounds are immaculately kept. They had several packages but the one I was most interested in offered a ceremony in the gardens then a reception in a banquet room within the Castle. It also offered exclusive use of the Castle for our wedding day.


Gorgeous, no? Unfortunately, the package I was interested in came with an epic price-tag that I just couldn’t justify. I also didn’t really see myself as the Disney-princess-ball-gowny type bride .

Option #2: Providence Farm
Providence Farm is a beautiful heritage farm with charm coming out the wazoo. The grounds is expansive on over 200 acres. The choices for the ceremony and reception were endless. There’s beautiful, sprawling fields, a historic farmhouse and a lovely garden.


Please note this photo does the farm no justice. It’s absolutely breathtaking in person. After we toured Providence we thought it could be the venue for us. They even have horses that we could use for our photographs (eaaak!). Unfortunately, they hadn’t yet set their 2010 prices and said it would be a few months until they would set the prices. This didn’t bode well with us. We didn’t want to stop searching for our venue when we didn’t even know if we could afford this place. So, we kept searching.

Option #3: Penfold Farm
G and I attended a bridal expo in the Summer and received an “Island Bride Wedding Planner”. This tricky little book had photos and names of nearly every venue on the Island. We began flipping through the pages until we found something that really caught our eye. Penfold Farm is a 1921 model dairy farm located in a quiet rural setting.


Again, this picture does the farm no justice (personal pictures to come). There is a lovely field located behind the historic farmhouse with a giant old oak tree for the ceremony. BEST OF ALL, they have an original barn that we could use for the reception!! This was definitely it for us. The pretty, laid back atmosphere fit our personalities to a tee and the price was unbeatable!! We put down the deposit and called the search off.


Un-inspired by inspiration boards
January 7, 2010, 3:08 pm
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I’m going to go out on a limb and say I’m a bride who doesn’t understand inspiration boards. I know they are extremely helpful for a lot of brides but I just don’t see a point to jumbling a bunch of photos of things I like onto one sheet to inspire me. I’ve decided not to pick a ‘color theme’ to stick to, but just to go with colors that we both enjoy and cross our fingers it won’t look like a crayon box vom’d all over our reception.

I have an idea of the color pallet I think would suit us. I love the vintage inspired weddings with the light pastels in yellow, pink and ivory. But; on the other hand I also love the pops of color you get with the reds, bright yellows and aquas. *le sigh*

I am definitely a visual person so I began the hunt for some wedding inspiration…

sourceI’m crazy about this reception table. I love, love, love the mismatched china, tablecloth quilt and the milk glass vase. I love the way all the bold colors just seem to flow together so effortlessly.

sourceI love the vintage feel of the glasswear and the soft pastels in this photo.

sourceI really love the whimsy in the bright yellow and white. The oversized balloons are to die for!!

sourceThis one might be my favorite, simple black and white with a pop of green. Ever so elegant!

Well, after all of that, seems like I’m stuck. I love the look of vintage inspired weddings but also want some whimsy and elegance thrown in… Is this too much to ask??

Were you surprised with how hard it was to nail down a general theme and look for your wedding?

That’s ringtastic!! (oh..and a proposal!)
January 6, 2010, 2:41 pm
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In my last post we had ordered the ring… This was extremely anti-climactic for me as G insisted that I not see the ring until it was time for the proposal.

I knew the ring had arrived around mid July and was somewhere in our apartment. I desperately fought the urge to tear everything apart to find it (I’m awful with surprises) and waited patiently.

Over the summer I had a rotten tummy ache that lasted about a week. The morning of August 4 I woke up feeling back to my old self and began getting ready for work. I was quickly grabbing something from a side table in our living room before heading out the door, I turned around to find G down on one knee. I immediately began crying. He had prepared a beautiful speech which I barely listened to because I was bursting with excitement. All I really remember is “will you marry me?”; and, of course, I said yes!!

Then I finally got to see the ring! It was just as beautiful as I hoped.

Well, now we’re all caught up with the meeting, the falling in love and the proposal… now comes the fun part: Wedding Planning!!!

January 6, 2010, 11:13 am
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Quickly after we moved in together the conversation turned towards us becoming engaged. The first time G brought it up I was so excited I almost puked (romantic, no?).

I have some really good jeweller connections through work so we started off the hunt for the ring locally. Before our first visit I did some research online and was very partial to Tacori…


When I tried the Tacori line on I was just as much in love as when I saw them online. They had amazing detail and looked vintage inspired (something I totally swoon over). Then we got the price… The band alone would cost over $5,000.00. That’s without the stones!! At that moment my Tacori bubble was burst.

The next  ring I looked at was a tension setting. It had one large diamond with several smaller flanking stones. This ring was much more modern than looking I thought I would be drawn to; but, I tried it on and really liked it.


It looked lovely on my finger (but, I guess all diamonds do!) but I just wasn’t sure if it was something I could see myself wearing for the rest of my life. I also thought the price was a little steep at $4,000.00.

So we left the jewellery store that day empty-handed but with some ideas as to what styles we liked. I then took to Etsy to see if I could find anything that tickled my fancy. After a little bit of searching I found this:


An epically beautiful amethyst ring with a diamond surround. This was not similar to any engagement rings I had tried on but I fell ever so in love with it at first site.

I e-mailed Gat work and he loved the ring just as I did. We reviewed the sellers comments and had some conversations with him, then, a few days later, the ring was on its way to us!

I never would have thought that my engagement ring would be non-diamond or purchased online but it was definitely the right move for us!

Were you surprised with which rings you were most drawn to when you really began ring hunting?

Love at first type
January 5, 2010, 10:22 am
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As you’ll be following the tale of our wedding I think it’s appropriate to share how we got to this point…

I always get moderately embarrassed when I tell people how we met. I don’t even know why anymore, it seems like nearly everyone has done it, but it still feels taboo!

You probably guessed it, we met online. Not just online, but probably the silliest dating site of them all… Plenty of Fish.

It was just after New Years, 2009, when I decided to post my profile online.  It seemed like all my friends were doing it… More of a past-time than an actual opportunity to meet someone. I decided to post a light-hearted profile with silly username. About two weeks after posting my profile I received a sweet message from G. After chatting via MSN for a few weeks we decided to meet.

From our first date I knew that there was a connection I’ve never experienced before. All we did on our first date is play the guitar (G is an extremely talented musician) and watch a movie, and it was the greatest date I’d ever had.

The day after we met I went  on a ski vacation with friends and I remember telling everyone that I had met the man I was going to marry. It was definitely love at first site.

Over the next several months we spent nearly every day together. We moved in with each other after only about four months of dating and became engaged after eight months.

We’ve now been happily together for a year. We live together in a great apartment with our herd of beasts (one puppy, three cats, three guinea pigs) and are eagerly saving and planning for our future life together.

Coming up… the ring and the proposal!

Hello All!
January 4, 2010, 7:39 pm
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Hello to all & thanks for reading my new blog!

I’m E at 24-year old claims adjuster living in beautiful Victoria, BC (Canada, eh!). In this blog I am planning to profile the details of my upcoming July 31, 2010 wedding.

My lovely fiance, G, and I are eagerly planning our uber-stylish vintage/rustic/chic (and budget conscious) wedding. We are determined to make it a lovely and romantic day, but are planning on having many DIY and budget friendly elements to keep us grounded.

Some quick facts about E:

  • loves animals
  • is an avid photographer
  • hates onions & sleeping in
  • secretly loves Billy Joel’s entire music collection

Some quick facts about G:

  • actual guitar hero
  • hockey lover
  • hates Spiderman movies
  • can’t whistle

I’ll be updating daily with my planning, DIY projects and more (dun dun duuuun). This is my first foray into blogging so stay tuned!